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We build cloud-based card-present payment solutions for hardware terminals or software terminals

For partners

Add payments

Add more value to your software solution by adding payments. Integrate it directly to your ECR, booking system and journal system through a few lines of code.

//Create order
    { orderId: 'o_uwIbuDJJSipusu77-1891'},
    { x-surfboard-route-header: 'SB_INITIATE_TRANSACTION_TO_TERMINAL' })
.then(function (response) {
    this.getOrderStatus(response) })


Hardware terminal

The Companion

Cloud based native API - The companion to an off the shelf tablet

  • Combine with tablet

    Leverage on the consumer relationship with a consumer facing tablet of your choice, providing more payment methods and loyalty

  • Easy setup

    Integrate to our payment platform in a couple of minutes by calling our APIs, and get started directly

  • Multiple payment methods

    Card, local payment schemes, invoice, A2A and even crypto. Everything developed and pushed in a short time

  • Fast & Robust

    Payments should be quick, secure and reliable. Full redundancy in the backend.

Hardware terminal

The One

Cloud based native API - Android based payment terminal

  • Triggered by web or SDK

    Build payments and checkout int your current ECR and manage payments on the go

  • Easy setup

    Integrate to our payment platform in a couple of minutes by calling our APIs, and get started directly

  • Sophisticated - All you need

    A dedicated payment terminal with all the security combined with the flexibility of an Android device

  • Built in scanner

    Get products and inventory in one device, synced via APIs and ready to use

Software terminal

The Mobile Checkout

The perfect queue busting terminal fleet addition with no need for any extra hardware

  • SoftPOS

    Contactless payments on any Android smartphone. Delivered as an SDK or pre-built app and triggered by your API calls

  • Multiple payment methods

    Leveraging on the NFC chip in the Android smartphone, the solution offers contactless card acceptance and other payment methods

  • No extra hardware

    No need to purchase any extra hardware for this one. Installed directly on Android smartphones

  • Terminal fleet expansion

    Expand during busy hours and decrease when things slow down. No additional costs

Extra features

White-label onboarding

Make yourself a one-stop-shop for your customers. We handle everything from onboarding, to ordering, to shipping of any hardware terminals. But it is all done under your branding.

Your merchant can board under our license, but the full offering is from you, so you can keep your brand and offering as strong as ever before.

Extra features

Digital receipt campaigns

With our Campaign engine, you can offer your merchants the possibility to strengthen their customer relationship and increase sales through the digital receipt. Together with a customer-facing tablet and the Companion payment solution this offering becomes even better.

For example, for partners in the food and beverage industry, we offer a tip-functionality on the receipt with up to 25% extra sales after the customer has left the building!

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SoftPOS for small merchants

The Surfpay app

The one-in-all payment app for micro-merchants. Ready to be downloaded in the Google Play Store for your Android.

We turn your smartphone into a payment terminal

Do you run a small store, or work only seasonally? Then Surfpay might fit you perfectly. You simply download the Surfpay app from the Google Play Store and get started instantly with card acceptance on the back of your phone. No extra hardware needed!