The Surfboard Platform

The developed Surfboard modules, available as Turn Key Solutions or API based to be integrated into existing systems, are the building blocks for the Surfboard Platform on which we build our two products


Guided by customer focus, mobile first, scalability and value in innovation


The consumer facing screen for payment, offers and loyalty that can be designed according to merchant needs.

Merchant Onboarding

Rapid Merchants Onboarding (RMO) including KYC as well as ordering card reader and accessories.

Data & Loyalty

Transaction overview, terminal management, tokenization and checkout marketing.

The Surfboard Platform

Distributed from two angles

Built upon the modules developed for the Surfboard Platform, we approach the market with two type of offerings: An end-to-end app for SMB and Micro-merchants named Surfpay, and an API-first offer for ISV & ISO partners who Embed Payments in existing software while yielding transaction revenue.
The Surfpay app

The Surfpay app

Available directly to Micro-merchants

Our Surfpay app, distributed directly to micro-merchants includes a full mobile app experience with everything from the KYC boarding to the payment acceptance, all branded as a Surfboard product
OS Android
Embedded Payments

Embedded Payments

Available indirect via Partners

The Embedded Payment offers an API-based checkout solution for any ECR vendor or PSP, to implement our payment methods directly into their own setup. The app is triggered by the ECR and can be implemented in any Android or iOS setup
API based
OS Android & iOS
Tablet & Mobile

The new stage

In-store checkout 2.0

Tap to phone

Software based Point of sales with no need for extra hardware


Increase sales by showing the right offers at the right time

Multiple payment methods

Card, Swish, and buy now pay later. Meet the customer demands

Loyalty acquisition

Convert customers to members in the most user friendly way, just like online
Offers in the right place, at the right time, to the right person
Bundled and ready for small businesses and micro-merchants

Surfpay - Your mobile as a payment terminal

Surfpay is our app for small shops and micro-merchants, which without any extra hardware enables the merchants to receive card payments directly on their own mobile phone. Surfpay is based on the same Tap on Phone technology as our Surfboard Checkout, but unlike Surfboard Checkout not a white-label product.

The merchant undergoes a smooth onboarding directly in the app and can then enter the amount on the screen, choose payment method (in addition to cards, you can add invoice and other relevant payment methods), and then charge the customer. After completing the purchase, the merchant can send out the digital transaction slip via SMS, email or let the customer scan the QR code on the screen. Surfpay is PCI and EMV certified and contains PIN-on-screen which enables the merchant to charge without having to limit themselves to a certain amount.

The Partner Value Proposition

What is Embedded Payments?

We offer Embedded Payments as an SDK that can embed payment functionality into any existing setup provided by our partners (ISV's , acquirers, PSP's and PF's) for the merchants.

  • Embed payment methods of choice integrated in your ISV software in a matter of minutes in any OS environment
  • White label Merchant Onboarding = One Stop Shop
  • Competitive rev-share on transaction, with the potential to generate more revenue than the software
  • Loyalty possibilities from data warehouse, eg check in, conversion analytics, digital receipt, Messenger bots
  • Integrated logistics solution which ensures next day delivery and delivery tracking