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Embedd our Online solution as a pre-built checkout page on a Surfboard hosted page, or through the SDK implementation in your own product.

Seamless Online Payments

In today's fast-paced digital world, the ability to offer a seamless online payment experience is crucial for businesses aiming to thrive. Recognizing this need, Surfboard Payments is proud to unveil Online Checkout – a revolutionary payment solution designed to bridge the gap between in-store and online transactions. With Online Checkout, we're not just expanding payment capabilities; we're transforming the way businesses interact with their customers online.

Empower Your Business with Flexible Integration Options

Online Checkout is built to empower. Whether you're looking to integrate payment processing directly into your website or prefer a quick and efficient solution via our checkout link, we've got you covered. Our OnlineSDK allows for complete customization and integration into your existing checkout system, ensuring a seamless user experience that reflects your brand's unique identity.

For businesses seeking a more straightforward approach, our API offers the ability to generate a customized checkout link. This pre-designed option is tailored to your specifications, offering flexibility without the need for extensive development resources.

Key Features of Online Checkout

  • Customizable Integration: Choose between our OnlineSDK for a fully integrated solution or utilize our API for quick access to a customized checkout link.
  • Merchant-Centric Design: Our pre-designed checkout is customizable to match your brand, providing a consistent and professional customer experience.
  • Seamless Online Payments: Accept payments online with the same ease and security as in-store transactions, providing your customers with the flexibility to shop how they want.
  • Comprehensive Support: From integration to transaction, Surfboard Payments offers unparalleled support, ensuring your online payment system operates smoothly.

What do you mean it only takes a couple of rows?

Amazing, isn't it? Just initialise the SDK, get the order, initiate the payment and then wait for a callback. In the SDK solution you can also build on merchant, customer and even branding to get everything from the beginning.

      SurfboardOnlineSDK.initialiseSDK({publicKey: 'YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY'})


Get Started with Online Checkout

Ready to elevate your online payment capabilities? Contact us to learn more about Online Checkout and how Surfboard Payments can support your business's growth. Let's redefine the future of online transactions together.