The next generation of in-store checkout experience

The biggest change in payment since the plastic card

A whole new game for physical retail has opened up. By changing your current payment terminals to a customer-facing screen you can increase both your sales and your customer satisfaction. Offer multiple payment methods, enhance your sales by perzonalised offers to the consumers and make use of the new tap to phone technology

The beginning of a new era

Surfboard Modules - A white label experience

Surfboard Modules consists of three parts that together builds value for the merchant, for the acquirer and for the consumer. It all ties together in a complete end-to-end platform.

Surfboard API

All three modules are API first. So any partner or merchant can integrate the functionality into their current setup

The customer-facing screen

Surfboard Checkout

The consumer facing screen for payment, offers and loyalty that can be designed according to merchant needs.

Marketing at the right time
Multiple payment methods
Swish forward
PIN on screen
Thank you screen
  • Marketing at the right time
    Control one of the most strategical touch points, the in-store checkout
  • Multiple payment methods
    To meet the customer demands Surfboard Checkout provides multiple payment options, like checkout with a QR code or tap/dip with your card
  • Swish forward
    Add one of the most used payment methods in Sweden without any need for huge integration costs
  • PIN on screen
    Seamless functionality enabling PCI certified card present payments for both dip and tap
  • Thank you screen
    Show prominent ads based on previous interactions and offer digital receipts out-of-the-box
Rapid Merchants Onboarding

Surfboard Boarding

Rapid Merchants Onboarding

In just a few steps the Surfboard Boarding runs a full Rapid Merchants Onboarding (RMO) including the KYC on the merchant, which will increase the onboarding speed of any new customer becoming an merchant

Become a partner and offer this in your product range towards your merchants.

Read more about Surfboard Boarding ›
Full scale management and overview

Surfboard Dashboard

Full scale management and overview

Get full control over your terminal apps and card readers. See all store transactions, handle support tickets and set add new payment methods

Equip your store

Surfboard Dashboard

Equip your store

This is where you as a merchant order new terminal hardware solutions for your store. Simply order, get it delivered in 24 hours and then activate them in your dashboard

Read more about Surfboard Dashboard ›"", order, { headers: {authorisation: Bearer sdfasdf891ebsdv89123898dvsd89sdf==, signature: 91b57ee0c576b7ee9971cda7941393fc4f4ff985ac5668f1864ce41ce86185f8} })
.then(response => {
        // Getting a payment transaction object from purchase
        const data =;
        // Save the unique transaction id. This will come in handy to print receipts later or to handle returns
        const TRANSACTION_ID = data.transactionId;
// Catch and print errors if any
.catch(error => console.error("Payments Creation Failed: ", error));

Surfboard API

Use our functionality but with your setup

Everything we do is API-first. That means that you can get up and running in your current environment without any need to purchase new hardware in terms of screens and stands. You will need a newer touchscreen device running Android if you want to take advantage of the built in NFC chip and accept contactless payments out-of-the-box. If you wish to accept contactless on devices without any NFC chip or on any Apple device, or if you need to include chip on card present payments, you need to purchase one of our secure card readers for each terminal. We are working on a developer portal with documentation for the major programming languages soon.

Bundled and ready for small businesses and micro-merchants

Surfpay - Your mobile as a payment terminal

Surfpay is our app for small shops and micro-merchants, which without any extra hardware enables the merchants to receive card payments directly on their own mobile phone. Surfpay is based on the same Tap on Phone technology as our Surfboard Checkout, but unlike Surfboard Checkout not a white-label product.

The merchant undergoes a smooth onboarding directly in the app and can then enter the amount on the screen, choose payment method (in addition to cards, you can add invoice and other relevant payment methods), and then charge the customer. After completing the purchase, the merchant can send out the digital transaction slip via SMS, email or let the customer scan the QR code on the screen. Surfpay is PCI and EMV certified and contains PIN-on-screen which enables the merchant to charge without having to limit themselves to a certain amount.

The future is now

A big wave is coming and we are already out in the ocean getting ready to catch it. This is the biggest change in payment since the plastic card, and everyone from customers, via merchant to partners will benefit from it.