We enable payments for in-store

Embed payments into your solution

A whole new game for physical retail has opened up. By changing todays payment terminals to a customer-facing screen, any merchant can increase both sales and customer satisfaction. With our Embedded Payments product, any partner can add multiple payment methods, enhance their merchants sales by perzonalised offers to the consumers and make use of the new tap to phone technology

Distributed in two angles

Our products

The Surfboard Platform includes three modules - Checkout, Merchant Onboarding and Data & Loyalty. These modules are offered as white-label API/SDK-solutions through our Embedded Payments offering. But they are also what we built Surfpay upon. The end-to-end micro-merchants app, turning your Android phone into a payment terminal
The Surfpay app

The Surfpay app

Available directly to Micro-merchants

Our Surfpay app, distributed directly to micro-merchants includes a full mobile app experience with everything from the KYC boarding to the payment acceptance, all branded as a Surfboard product
OS Android
Embedded Payments

Embedded Payments

Available indirect via Partners

The Embedded Payment offers an API-based checkout solution for any ECR vendor or PSP, to implement our payment methods directly into their own setup. The app is triggered by the ECR and can be implemented in any Android or iOS setup
API based
OS Android & iOS
Tablet & Mobile

Embedded & ready for ISV's

Our payment offer includes, but are not limited to, these areas of Independent Software Vendors. Are you interested in embedding our payment solution into your offering? Then please get in touch with us »

Electronic cash register providers

It has never been easier for ECRs to embed payments, loyalty and/or onboarding into your offering

Booking, ticket, journal, and IT

Add value by adding payment solutions to your merchants and become a one-stop-shop

Fintech software providers

For example BNPL players looking to offer a more complete payment suite


We offer a white-label version of Surfpay for associations and similar agents

Tap to Phone - what does it mean?

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