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Cloud-based in-store payments

Add payments to your offering. Hardware terminals and SoftPOS. All in the same API. It has never been easier to implement payments. And yeah, we are also a licensed Payment institution and fully PCI certified under PCI DSS and PCI PIN.

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Acceptance products for partners

Our Cloud based API Terminals

The product offering includes onboarding, 3PL, tokenization and loyalty, and is delivered as API's for our partners to implement under their own brand.

The Companion

The companion is our card terminal, that can be an addition to an off-the-shelf tablet or web-based ECR. No Bluetooth, no wires. Only SIM and Wifi

The One

The all-in-one new terminal with contactless, chip and scanner for on-the-floor payments. Everything you need in one device

The Mobile Checkout

Extend the terminal fleet easily with the SoftPOS Tap on Phone solution on any Android smartphone. Perfect for queue busting

SoftPOS for small merchants

The Surfpay app

Our end-to-end SoftPOS solution for micro-merchants, seasonal workers and any non-connected ECR terminal merchant. Download the app from Google Play Store, go through the in-app KYB and accept card payments on your phone within minutes

Turning your smartphone into a payment terminal

By making use of the NFC chip built into your Android smartphone, our PCI-certified Surfpay app allows you to accept contactless card payments

  • Contactless

    Accept contactless card payments such as VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club, ApplePay, and Google Pay

  • PIN on screen

    No transaction amount limits - if PIN entry is needed the customer can enter it on the screen

  • Other payment methods

    Add local payment methods that your customers love and generate QR codes for your customers to scan

  • Sales reporting

    Track all of your sales in your dashboard. See day-to-day comparisons and get monthly reports with the Surfpay app

  • Pricing

    Affordable pricing for micro-merchants. Only 1,29% per card transaction, no monthly fees

  • Maximum security

    We are PCI DSS and PCI PIN certified and under supervision from the FSA so both the merchant and customer can get the security they deserve

Why Cloud based terminals?

Packed with features

We've built all of our card-present payment solutions with API in mind so our partners can add payments to their offering as easy as possible. You simply integrate to our platform and then send the transaction to any of our terminal solutions. Hardware or software alike.

Easy setup

Integrate to our payment platform in a couple of minutes by calling our APIs, and get started instantly

Fast & robust

Payments should be quick, secure and reliable. Full redundancy in the backend.


Add payments to your current ECR and manage payments on the go and in-store

Expand quickly

Expand during busy hours and decrease when things slow down with the SoftPOS solution

Digital receipts

We enable and refine your solution. Offer consumer loyalty to your customers with highly effective loyalty communications

Centralized management

It's easy to integrate and connect. One of the biggest pros with it is of course the easiness of upgrading and improving

Become a one-stop-shop

Implement our Boarding feature, tweak it to your brand and gain the reputation of a one-stop-shop. Your company, your software, your terminals, transactions

And more

Designed for success

Easy integration

From a one-person-team to large organizations, we strive to offer all our partners the easiness of adding in-store payments to their own software offering.

You can implement our SDK or use our pre-built solutions and trigger them by API calls. Everything in the cloud.

//Create order'', {
    merchantId: 'm_iWGri3V1891',
    checkoutId: pos_checkout_id,
    orderLines: [ 
            name: 'Surf wax', 
            quantity: 1, 
            itemPrice: { value: 19900, currency: 752, vat: { vatValue: 4975, vatPercentage: 25 } } 
    x-surfboard-route-header: 'POS_CREATE_NEW_ORDER_HEADER'
.then(function (response) {
.catch(function (error) {

Want to know more?

Are you interesting in exploring our cloud-based payment solutions, or want to know more about the Surfpay app? You can also contact us to design a custom package for your business.