Who we are

We believe fantastic companies are built by fantastic people. That’s why our culture is the foundation of all we do and our value is the bricks of the foundation

The right people makes
anything possible


Build surfboards with us

Are you interested in transforming payments? We are always interested in talents - even if we don't look for a specific position. You location is not of importance, only your skills and will to improve. You know the drill: click the button below and write something about yourself and we'll take it from there 🌟

Tales from our founder

'The scenery for in store payments will change more in the next 4 years then it have in the past 40 years. Providing more value to the merchant and a better experience for the consumer. Introducing new players who understands how to leverage on a customer relationship in the moment of a transaction is what we are all about at Surfboard.'

Life at Surfboard

We have two offices. One in Stockholm, Sweden and one in Chennai, India. Below are a few photos from when our CEO visited the office in Chennai.