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Enabling Buy Now, Pay Later in-person

We’ve got some exciting news to share. Here at Surfboard Payments, we’re always looking for ways to make your payment experience better and more flexible. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) capabilities on our platform. And guess what? Klarna is our very first BNPL partner!

What This Means for You

The integration of Buy Now, Pay Later as a payment method in all our acceptance devices is a major leap forward. As more shoppers seek flexible payment options, we want to ensure that your merchants can offer the best and most preferred ones. This new feature is seamlessly embedded into our platform, available both in-store and online. Your merchants can now provide their customers with the flexibility to pay at their own pace, enhancing the shopping experience and boosting sales.

Smooth and Seamless Integration

We’ve made it super easy for your merchants to add this new payment method to their payment options. Our first BNPL alternative, Klarna, is now fully integrated into Surfboard Payments, making it simple for businesses to offer this popular and trusted payment method. With our single integration system, this new payment method can be effortlessly added to our acceptance platform, benefiting all of your merchants.

Our BNPL integration is designed to be straightforward and efficient. Whether your merchants are using our Android-based SurfTouch terminals, our CheckoutX SoftPOS solution, or any other Surfboard terminal, the Buy Now, Pay Later option fits right in. This ensures a seamless and quick checkout experience, whether customers are shopping in-store, or online. It’s all about making transactions faster and more convenient for everyone involved.

Simplifying Your Payment Process

One of the best parts? Merchants using Surfboard Payments can now manage all transactions in one place. The payments, whether card, BNPL, or Swish, are consolidated into a single payout within 1-2 banking days, making reconciliation a breeze and improving cash flow management, eliminating the need for one agreement per payment method. This streamlined approach reduces administrative work and provides a more cohesive financial management system, giving merchants more time to focus on their business.

The checkout flow is also both fast and smooth. A QR code is generated in the screen of our terminals, which takes the consumer to the Klarna Checkout in their own smartphone. The time of the transaction is set to be under ten seconds, from initiating to completing. We’ve created a video showcasing how fast it is. Check it out below 👇

We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of payment solutions, and Klarna is just the beginning. Expect to see more exciting payment methods and innovative features rolling out soon. We're dedicated to continuously improving our platform to meet the dynamic needs of our partners and their merchants.

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