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Surfboard Payments' Tap to Pay App Makes Splash at Lollapalooza

Surfboard Payments AB was able to prove the full mobility of its payment app, Surfpay, at one of the biggest festivals in Sweden this year, Lollapalooza.

The payment solution, enabled Surfboard Payments’ merchant, FrostHead AB to accept contactless card and Swish payments throughout the event on their Samsung S22s, turning the smartphones into fullscale payment terminals. The flexibility of the app allowed sellers to meet customers out on the field and in line, as well as enabled adjustments in the terminal fleet minute by minute. FrostHead was able to adjust the number of terminals in alignment with not only the staffers working but also the high number of attendees simply by installing the app on more phones, removing the headache of having to manage external card terminals for the occasion.

FrostHead, a food cart service specializing in ice cream, coffee, energy drinks, sodas, and chocolates is originally based out of Kalmar but took to the opportunity to travel to Sweden’s capital this weekend to sell drinks, earplugs, and lollipops to prospective Lollapalooza attendees and passerby’s.

Partnering up with the Surfboard Payments team to sell at the festival, FrostHead was able to spread out across the surrounding areas and reach the 65,000+ visitors of the event across the field of Gärdet on their way to the entrance of Lollapalooza. The weekend was a success for both FrostHead and Surfboard Payments:

“Being able to expand the terminal fleet was incredibly easy,” says CEO and Co-Founder of FrostHead AB, Christopher Crystal. “That’s what I really like. My plan is to expand in a franchise type of model, and today I could see how quickly I could do that. This means that I could implement on a daily basis—I could have multiple people, multiple units out working in a very short period of time which offers the expansion of sales.”

Leveraging the Surfpay app and the Samsung smartphone, there is no longer any need for clumsy and Bluetooth-connected hardware terminals for occasions like this. The festival itself proved to be a perfect fit for the Surfpay Tap to Pay app, and the company looks forward to assisting other merchants to benefit their business with the payment solution.

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More About Surfboard Payments:

Surfboard Payments is a Swedish software company based in Stockholm, Sweden, and Chennai, India. The company develops software-based payment solutions used in interactive screens facing consumers. All development has the customer journey in mind, for a user-friendly and identical experience amongst all devices. Our products include Surfpay Connect an API-based checkout solution, as well as the highly anticipated Surfpay app. The app was developed in mind to empower the everyday merchant. It works as a payment terminal that utilizes the NFC chip found on the back of Android smartphones to enable contactless card transactions. No extra hardware is needed.

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