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Unleashing Another Wave in Payments: Design Your Own SurfPad Card Terminal

In a world where differentiation and personal branding are more important than ever, Surfboard Payments is excited to introduce a groundbreaking feature that transforms the payments experience for our partners, and merchants alike. We continue to push the boundaries of innovation once again by allowing you to design and customize your own SurfPad card terminal.

Embrace innovation and set your business apart with a payment solution that’s truly yours.

Our new "Build Your Own SurfPad" feature is more than just a tool; it's a testament to our belief in empowering businesses to stand out. With this pioneering feature, we invite you to bring your brand to life in the most interactive touchpoint with your customers: the payment process.

Why Customize Your SurfPad?

  • Brand Reinforcement: Your payment terminal can now be an extension of your brand's identity, reinforcing your aesthetic and values with every transaction.
  • User Experience: Tailor the payment experience to match the uniqueness of your service or product, creating a seamless and memorable checkout process.
  • Innovation at Your Fingertips: Leverage our cutting-edge technology to offer not just a payment solution but a statement of innovation and quality.

Designing your SurfPad is as simple as it is sophisticated. Our intuitive tool guides you through the process of selecting colors for the terminal and buttons, and adding your logotype to suit your business needs. Whether you're looking to incorporate your logo or match your establishment's color scheme, our customization tool makes it possible in just a few clicks.

The branding tool consists of these sophisticated colors to start with:

  • Midnight black
  • White beach
  • Ocean blue
  • Light surf
  • Sunset orange
  • Sunny yellow
  • Tidewater
  • Coral reef

Check out how to customize your payment terminal for branding

Take a look at the video below to see how easy it is to brand your own terminal and create a order request.

This feature is a direct reflection of our ongoing commitment to providing innovative, agile, and inclusive payment solutions. The "Build Your Own SurfPad" initiative is yet another step towards a future where payments become a personalized interaction, not just a transaction.

Surfboard Payments remains at the forefront of payment technology, continually seeking ways to innovate and improve the merchant and customer experience. With the ability to design and customize your own SurfPad, we're not just offering a product but an experience — an opportunity to make every payment interaction a reflection of your brand's uniqueness and creativity. Explore the possibilities today on our website and redefine what a payment terminal can be for your business.

✨ Test our new design tool: Make your next payment terminal look just like you. Start designing now »

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