Surfboard Dashboard

Full scale management and overview for the merchants by the acquirers

The steering wheel for the Checkout

Manage payment methods

Just tap to activate any new payment method

Manage your POS

Get full access control over everyone of your point of sales

Transaction overview

Get full insights by collecting everything at one spot

Support & Billing management

Automated billing makes a complicated routine easy

Checkout campaigns

With a great preview functionality the marketing is as easy as it gets

Surf store

Upgrade or extend your store setup with tablets, smartphones and accessories


Export your sales reports to other services that you already rely upon
Full overview

The Dashboard of dashboards

The Surfboard Dashboard module is the engine to the Checkout module. In here the merchant controls all terminals, campaigns, payment methods and track all sales.

By using this white label module as an acquirer you will keep your merchants in your own umbrella of producs and give them added value to your offer

  • Full insight to all data
  • Expand your store with new hardware
  • Real-time changes for campaigns, payment methods and more


Manage your POS

Get full control access to all of the point of sales. Whether it's external card readers or the screens itself.

The access control gives the merchant full flexibility to install new, remove old and handle all of the POS at one spot

  • Activate, paus and remove the any terminal or card reader
  • Handle firmware and installed applications like the PIN app
  • See status and usage
  • Find accessories to the hardware like stands

With great power comes great responsibility

Easy but powerful campaign management

One of the most powerful features of the Surfboard Checkout is of course its campaign and loyalty areas on the customer facing screen. If it's done right it will increase sales and loyalty signups.

Manage all campaigns from the Surfboard Dashboard, measure the results and make use of this powerful feature in all of your checkout points.

  • Run simultanous campaigns at once with different priorities
  • Set up different campaigns for different scenarios like weather, time of the day, store visitors and more
  • Sell products close to the counter, push for loyalty signup or sell coupons to make the customers return
  • Get insights and understand which campaigns are working better and why

All data at your fingertips

Track sales

Create sales reports and track all data that the Surfboard Checkout is generating. Configure the dashboard the way you want it and highlight what's important to your store.

  • Understand which payment methods are used the most
  • Export your reports to other tools to fit your needs

The Surf store

Upgrade or extend your store setup

From the Surf store inside the Surfboard Dashboard the merchant can upgrade the hardware setup for their stores.

The need will vary from merchant to merchant, while someone will only need an Android tablet or smartphone to support tap to phone another might need supersonic speed in the card transaction where chip is expected to be used a lot which leads to the need for an external card reader.

Based on those and a lot more needs we've added some bundles so it gets easier to get up and running. Except that some of the hardware and accessories we offer are:

  • iOS and Android tablets and smartphones
  • Stands for self checkout, manned countertop or removable for queue busting
  • Secure card readers for chip and tap
  • Accessories like scanners, receipt printers, phone cases for attaching card readers and more"", order, { headers: {authorisation: Bearer sdfasdf891ebsdv89123898dvsd89sdf==, signature: 91b57ee0c576b7ee9971cda7941393fc4f4ff985ac5668f1864ce41ce86185f8} })
.then(response => {
        // Getting a payment transaction object from purchase
        const data =;
        // Save the unique transaction id. This will come in handy to print receipts later or to handle returns
        const TRANSACTION_ID = data.transactionId;
// Catch and print errors if any
.catch(error => console.error("Payments Creation Failed: ", error));

API and SDK ready

And remember, everything is white label

Everything you've read about here is API-first which means that all features can be implemented in your current setup.

This module is built for our partners but with the merchant as the end user, which means that you as a partner can brand our white label solution to be one of yours.

This was Surfboard Dashboard

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