Surfboard Checkout

The app for your Android or iOS customer facing screens. For manned countertops, self checkouts and queue busting handheld devices
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Manned countertop with multiple payment methods and tap to phone for contactless card acceptance
With a NFC-ready Android device you don't need any extra hardware
External card reader attached on the back of the case to accept tap & dip

What's included

Multi device support

The app is developed to fit all screensizes it might encounter from the merchant. It can be anything from a tablet to a handheld device

Marketing at the right time

Create your own campaigns and make your marketing reach the right consumers, at the right time, at the right place

PIN on screen

The new PCI regulations allow us to integrate a digital PIN pad into the customer facing screen for an no extra hardware checkout

Instant changes

Whether it's a new payment method or an update to the campaigns you'll see the changes instantly on every screen

Developed for all scenarios

The Checkout module comes developed for manned countertop, self checkout, handheld queue busting devices and for both SPoC & CPoC

SPoC & CPoC ready

The difference is basically that one scenario uses an external card reader for card present payments (SPoC) where the other adapts the contactless scenario (CPoC)

Digital receipts

For a consumer it is taken for granted these days, but we know that the integrations are hard and costly for many merchants, that's why we offer it out of the box
No need for extra hardware

Tap to phone

Take advantage of the built-in NFC chip in any modern Android device to turn it into a powerful mobile Point-of-sale (mPOS). By simply downloading an app you'll be able to use it to accept contactless card payments, without any limitation thanks to the PIN on screen feature.

  • No need for any extra hardware
  • Contactless card payments

One Checkout - Multiple scenarios

Cross hardware experience

Surfboard Checkout is built for any Android or iOS device and can be complemented with an external card reader for all card present transactions on non tap to phone environments.

  • One setup for all devices
  • Sync campaigns and payment methods
  • Minmal learning curve for the employees
  • Supporting all different merchant requirements
  • Consistency and recognition to all of the merchant’s customers

Adapt to smart checkout experiences

Build loyalty

Adapt to the checkout we are used to experience online with personal offers and preferred payment method by connecting your loyalty program to the Surfboard Checkout.

The Surfboard Checkout comes pre-built with this functionality which means that the implementation time is zero. The merchant can also set up campaigns and offers based on different scenarios right from the Surfboard Dashboard.

  • Loyalty registration and sign in from the screen
  • Pre-built and ready to use

Frictionless checkout

Multiple payment options

In these e-commerce days consumers are getting used to choose amongs different payment methods. The reason is that we all have different taste when it comes to how and when to pay. Yet, the in-store payment scene has not developed in the same pace. One of many reasons for this is of course the huge implementation it may require. A good thing then is that in Surfboard Checkout it comes out of the box. Just tap any payment method in your Surfboard Dashboard portal and have it shown at all screens instantly.

  • Adapt to the market demands
  • No huge implementations, simply tap to activate
  • Resize and rearrange based on what your customers choose

One Checkout - Multiple scenarios

PIN on screen

One of the biggest changes in payment history is the introduction of PIN on screen, or PIN on Mobile as the experts know it as. This means that whenever a PIN entry is required on either a contactless or chip card present transaction, the Surfboard Checkout screen will trigger a PCI-certified PIN entry app.

  • Keep everything on the same customer facing screen
  • Queue busting with handheld devices
  • No extra hardware required, true tap to phone

Save the trees

Digital receipts

Digital receipts are by obvious reasons growing in terms of usage. But due to complex integrations a lot of merchants still do not offer it to their customers. With Surfboard Checkout the digital receipts comes right out of the box.

On the thank you screen a QR code is generated which the customer scans with their own phone and by so get the digital receipt. It doesn't require any extra app, just a smartphone with a browser. The result though is that the digital receipt screen that the user takes with them from the store holds a great opportunity for the merchant to market coupons, personal offers and other campaigns on.

  • Out of the box digital receipts
  • Marketing opportunity when the customer has left the building
  • No need for any extra hardware such as a receipt printer"", order, { headers: {authorisation: Bearer sdfasdf891ebsdv89123898dvsd89sdf==, signature: 91b57ee0c576b7ee9971cda7941393fc4f4ff985ac5668f1864ce41ce86185f8} })
.then(response => {
        // Getting a payment transaction object from purchase
        const data =;
        // Save the unique transaction id. This will come in handy to print receipts later or to handle returns
        const TRANSACTION_ID = data.transactionId;
// Catch and print errors if any
.catch(error => console.error("Payments Creation Failed: ", error));

API and SDK ready

Everything as white label

All of the above is API-first which means that all features can be implemented in your current setup.

As a white label product you can brand it to your own which means that colors, fonts, layout and basically everything you see is adjustable in this setup or possible to rebuild into your own.

Bundled and ready for small businesses and micro-merchants

Surfpay - Your mobile as a payment terminal

Surfpay is our app for small shops and micro-merchants, which without any extra hardware enables the merchants to receive card payments directly on their own mobile phone. Surfpay is based on the same Tap on Phone technology as our Surfboard Checkout, but unlike Surfboard Checkout not a white-label product.

The merchant undergoes a smooth onboarding directly in the app and can then enter the amount on the screen, choose payment method (in addition to cards, you can add invoice and other relevant payment methods), and then charge the customer. After completing the purchase, the merchant can send out the digital transaction slip via SMS, email or let the customer scan the QR code on the screen. Surfpay is PCI and EMV certified and contains PIN-on-screen which enables the merchant to charge without having to limit themselves to a certain amount.

This was Surfboard Checkout

But we offer more modules

Be one of the first to adopt this

We are rolling out the Surfboard Modules for selected stores to try it out. By being a part of our Beta program, your store will become one of the first to use the next generation of checkout solutions. You benefit from not only being first among your competitors, but also by becoming a valued member of the Surfboard Club where you'll be treated with premium class service and lower cost than anyone