Surfboard Boarding

Rapid Merchants Onboarding for banks and acquirers to perform lightning fast KYC processes
× For Merchants

The future of KYC processes at your wave

Increasing speed

With this RMO including KYC the merchant can onboard in record time

Track the progress

Follow the merchant journey and KYC progress right from your portal

Set up manual hand-offs

To make sure that everything is covered, you can adjust every step just as you want it

Full connectivity

Everything is in real time and follows the merchant onboarding journey


Get notified of new merchants, their progress and if and when you have to act

Assign your team

Collaborate through the organization and make sure that the right person interacts at the right time

Digitalizing the future

By using first class cloud technology you can adapt to the future, where ever you are located
Follow the journey

Track the progress

With an easy to understand kanban-view you can track the merchants progress throughout the KYC process and implement any manual sing-offs at any stage

The cards follow each step of the process line for when the merchant is beginning their KYC journey

  • Get notified when a new merchant starts their journey
  • Full connectivity in real-time
  • Filter and assign
  • Collaborate right from the portal
  • Set up points to get notified about and how to act

In-depth overview

Make sure everything is covered

To increase control each KYC progress has some manual hand-offs to ensure that all requirements are met. With the in-depth view of each merchant card you can track both their progress, but also you teams and assign them to the correct person

  • Follow any internal requirement

The Onboarding process

Easier than ever before

The Know Your Customer flow is tracked in real time which means that you can follow any signup progress directly from the Surfboard Boarding portal

  • 1
    The merchant signs up
    The signup process works from any device and it all begins with the merchant applying their organisation number. Once posted, you can see them coming up in the dashboard and the journey begins
  • 2
    Everything is filled out
    The merchant continues to go through the information needed and you can track whatever is posted directly in their card in the dashboard. Once you’ve approved their application they get a text saying everything is completed and they can start to use the service"", order, { headers: {authorisation: Bearer sdfasdf891ebsdv89123898dvsd89sdf==, signature: 91b57ee0c576b7ee9971cda7941393fc4f4ff985ac5668f1864ce41ce86185f8} })
.then(response => {
        // Getting a payment transaction object from purchase
        const data =;
        // Save the unique transaction id. This will come in handy to print receipts later or to handle returns
        const TRANSACTION_ID = data.transactionId;
// Catch and print errors if any
.catch(error => console.error("Payments Creation Failed: ", error));

API and SDK ready

And as white label

Everything you've read about here is API-first which means that all features can be implemented in your current setup.

This module is built for our partners but with the merchant as the end user, which means that you as a partner can brand our white label solution to be one of yours.

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