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Get to know the brand, and how to use it

Brand assets

To ensure the correct usage of our brand, we've posted some quick info from our brand guidelines at this page. If you want to dig deeper, just hit the button below to download the full brand book.

Download our brand book

Our logotype

The Surfboard logotype contains two key elements. The first one is the logo-icon, the surfer on the surfboard which is representing two things:

  • The atmosphere at the company
  • The waves the client rides by the provided surfboard from usThe atmosphere at the company

Then there is the logo-text. The bolder payments is to give the viewer of the logotype a clear idea of what the company is doing since the surfer could suggest otherwise.

The primary logotype variant is the deep blue sea gradient whether or not the logo is used in full or just the icon to ensure brand recognition. The previous lighter blue variant is still in use and can be seen throughout any material produced by Surfboard Payments, but not as the primary one.

Logotype usage

When using the logotype you need to consider which one. The logo-icon needs more spacing around to make sure it stands out since the logo-text is not there and therefore other brands could interfere with the illustration. At this point it will need 50% from both X-, and Y-axis. When using the full logotype you only need to consider the spacing around it to be minimum 25% of the logotypes height.

Logo icon
Surfboard Payments logo icon usage
Full logotype
Surfboard Payments full logotype usage

Our brand colors

To flirt with our Surfboarding brand the color scheme runs through the sea with our deep blue sea as the primary one. Each color goes in 1-9 scale which means that we can use different parts of each color to build our brand throughout any material and web usage.

Deep blue sea
Sun's out
Wipe out
Take off
Beach towel

Our typography

Fira Sans

We are keeping it light. To cut down every loading time possible we take advantage of the great Google Font family of Fira Sans. We use the weights: 200, 400 and 900.

Get Fira Sans from Google Fonts


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