Reimagine in-store payments

The next generation card present payment scene

TietoEVRY, MYPINPAD and Surfboard Payments are happy to announce the newly formed partnership where a software offering will be brought to the Nordic market that enables merchants to securely accept payments via Android or iOS devices including smartphones and tablets and capture customer data for loyalty and marketing activities.

The new solution for revolutionising payments for Nordic merchants

Where traditional, single-purpose card terminals have limitations in creating seamless customer experiences and do not enable the capture of data, the solution offered from the partnership between TietoEVRY/MYPINPAD/Surfboard opens up a world of possibilities to innovate in this space. The partnership brings a newly developed software application to the Nordic region that enables merchants to securely accept payments from any Android or iOS-run devices, without needing single-purpose card terminals. The solution allows the consumer’s option of payment methods, such as card, Swish, mobile payments, and invoices.

We can now offer the first-ever tap to phone in-store checkout in the Nordics by putting all the pieces together. Based on MYPINPAD's SPoC and CPoC solutions, it can be deployed on any NFC-enabled device running iOS or Android operating systems, and with both solutions certified under Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council (SSC), we can ensure the offering's security and global acceptance.

Using the Surfboard Payments white-label solution for this, the merchant adds value within the customer experience thanks to the Surfboard in-store checkout app on a customer-facing screen at the countertop offering multiple payment methods, and grab valuable data in real-time and make it available for greater customer targeting and marketing activities on the same customer-facing screen. Empowering all of the payments is the TietoEVRY robust processing platform that ensures full availability and offers the most cost-effective and easily integrated services on the market, with links to all the main acquirers in the Nordics.

We started Surfboard Payments because we believe the paradigm shift for in-store payments is long overdue and will take place in the near future. We are very excited about the partnership and look forward to enabling Nordic merchants to offer better customer experiences for card-present payments in completely new ways
- Christopher Lindfeldt, CEO and Founder of Surfboard Payments

The product offering

By combining or using one or more of our Surfboard Modules, we want to build a new landscape for the in-store payment experience.

  • Surfboard Boarding: The rapid merchant onboading and KYC solution for the acquiring banks to use for their new merchants
  • Surfboard Dashboard: Real-time management and overview for the merchant. The heart of the Checkout screen, with data and insights from sales, campaigns and loyalty acquisition together with full management of each Checkout app, external card reader and much more
  • Surfboard Checkout: The app installed on the customer-facing screen is what we call Surfboard Checkout. With Surfboard Checkout, you are always up to date by real-time sync between the Checkout and Dashboard module.
Manned countertop with multiple payment methods and tap-to-phone for contactless card acceptance
With an NFC-ready Android device you don't need any extra hardware
External card reader attached on the back of the case to accept tap & dip
  • SPoC = Software-Based PIN Entry on Commercial off-the-shelf devices (COTS)
    This enable EMV contact and contactless transactions with PIN entry on the merchant’s consumer device using a secure PIN entry application in combination with a SCRP
  • CPoC = Contactless Payment on COTS
    Enable contactless payment acceptance on a merchant's consumer device using an embedded (near-field communications) NFC interface
  • SCRP = Secure Card Reader for PIN
    A certified hardware for accepting chip or contactless card present payments
  • PIN on mobile
    PIN entry on a tablet or smartphone touchscreen.

What we all bring to the table

The largest payments processor in the Nordics with links to all the main acquirers, will ensure that the solution is built on a robust processing platform with proven uptime of near 100% for more than a decade.

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The first company in the world to have both SPoC & CPoC solutions certified under PCI standards, will provide the PIN on mobile and tap to phone software.

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Building all components together into the Surfboard Modules: Boarding, Dashboard and Checkout. Offered as stand-alone or API and SDK-based products for a whole new in-store experience.

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For the merchants

Marketing at the right time

Create your own campaigns and make your marketing reach the right consumers, at the right time, at the right place

Multiple payment options

New payment method in your particular market? No problem to upgrade instantly over all checkout points in seconds. For example - add ”Buy now, pay later” options

Loyalty acquisition

Convert your customers to loyalty members with minimum effort. Instead of having to convert them manually, let them do it digitally like they are used to

Digital receipts

Adapting digital receipts has never been easier. Offer coupons, memberships etc earn a way to talk to your customers when they've left the store

Full overview

Manage all hardware and software in one place. Track sales, campaign success and loyalty acquisition in all of your stores

Surfboard Checkout

The customer facing screen

The consumer facing screen for payment, offers and loyalty that can be designed according to merchant needs.

Marketing at the right time
Multiple payment methods
Swish forward
PIN on screen
Thank you screen
  • Marketing at the right time
    Control one of the most strategical touch points, the in-store checkout
  • Multiple payment methods
    To meet the customer demands Surfboard Checkout provides multiple payment options, like checkout with a QR code or tap/dip with your card
  • Swish forward
    Add one of the most used payment methods in Sweden without any need for huge integration costs
  • PIN on screen
    Seamless functionality enabling PCI certified card present payments for both dip and tap
  • Thank you screen
    Show prominent ads based on previous interactions and offer digital receipts out-of-the-box

Relevant patents

SCA for mobile payment 1

Method for authenticating a user to a central server and using an electronic device with a screen display.

SCA for mobile payment 2

Method for providing information to a central server using an electronic device comprising a screen display and a SIM card.

Animated QR code for mobile payment

Method for authenticating a transaction, wherein a first transaction party uses a first electronic device with a screen display and a second transaction party uses a second, portable, electronic device with a camera.

Tokenization of card from payment terminal

Method for making an electronic payment.

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