Partner opportunities

Offer our surfboards to all of your existing merchants and make their business thrive

Tap in to our products

Surfboard Modules for the partners

Surfboard Checkout

The customer facing screen as handheld, mounted countertop or self checkout inside your store

Surfboard API

Use our prebuilt modules totally off the shelf, or make use of each product API to build the functionality into your current in-store apps

How do you benefit from it?


Increase sales

Your merchants will excel and grow their business with much help from the next generation payment terminals, and the best part is that you'll grow with them

Easy installments & updates

Imagine the benefits your merchants will have of just clicking a button to activate a new payment method in all of their terminals

Keep your merchants

While all of the online checkout experience is transforming day-by-day, the in-store have stood still for a while. Not anymore. Make sure that you are the one offering your merchants what they want

ECR integrations

The merchant can integrate with their ECR receiving line items and allow consumer follow along

The new stage

In-store checkout 2.0

Tap to phone

Software based Point of sales with no need for extra hardware


Increase sales by showing the right offers at the right time

Multiple payment methods

Card, Swish, and buy now pay later. Meet the customer demands

Loyalty acquisition

Convert customers to members in the most user friendly way, just like online
Offers in the right place, at the right time, to the right person

Our features

Available as white label or API


Terminal integrations, screen customizations etc.


Terminal Management System: Activation, status, upgrade, compliance and support


Supply merchants with fast deliveries of any hardware needed, from tablets or smartphones to SCRP and stands/cases


Automatic monthly billing to all parties in the value chain based on licenses etc

Screen magic

Advertisement, digital receipts, coupons, promotions for the check out screen

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