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Take your store into the next generation of payment acceptance

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Surfboard Modules for the merchant

Surfboard Boarding

Rapid Merchants Onboarding for banks and acquirers to perform lighning fast KYC processes

Surfboard API

Use our prebuilt modules totally off the shelf, or make use of each product API to build the functionality into your current in-store apps

Merchant benefits

Multiple payment options

New payment method in your particular market? No problem to upgrade instantly over all checkout points in seconds. For example - add 'Buy now, pay later' options

Marketing at the right time

Create your own campaigns and make your marketing reach the right consumers, at the right time, at the right place

PIN on screen

The new regulations allow us to integrate the PIN pad into the checkout screen, meaning that you can finally get rid of those old ugly terminals

Instant changes

Whether it's a new payment method or an update to the campaigns you'll see the changes instantly on every terminal you handle
Take control

What is Surfboard Dashboard?

Get full control over your terminal apps and card readers. See all store transactions, handle your campaigns and add new payment methods.

  • Transaction overview
    Full insights into the performance of every terminal in real-time
  • Marketing campaigns
    Create offers based on products close to the checkout area, make a loyalty program play or combine it all - right from the Surfpay Dashboard
  • Manage payment methods
    Add new payment methods, rearrange the ones you have and offer the customer the most well suited experience there is. It's just one click away and the changes will be reflected instantly on the Checkout screen

The customer facing screen

What is Surfboard Checkout?

The app we've developed for your customer facing screens can be used in any Android or iOS device, no matter the size. The app is working together with Surfboard Dashboard in real-time. This means that any changes you make in the Dashboard can be instantly reflected on the Checkout screen and the other way around any data processed through the Checkout will be available instantly in the Dashboard app.

  • PIN on screen
    You don't have to rely on transactions being under a certain amount, with this PCI certified PIN app your customers will get the seamless experience they deserve
  • Convert your campaigns
    There is no more powerful placement for an ad than on a digital screen where you have your customers full attention. Use this opportunity to convert your customers to members, sell more products located close to the counter or make them return by giving them an offer they can't refuse
  • Digital receipts
    By the end of the checkout, whether it's a manned countertop, self checkout or even a handheld queue busting device, the Checkout module offers out of the box digital receipts for your customers to take with them leaving the store

Bundled and ready for small businesses and micro-merchants

Surfpay - Your mobile as a payment terminal

Surfpay is our app for small shops and micro-merchants, which without any extra hardware enables the merchants to receive card payments directly on their own mobile phone. Surfpay is based on the same Tap on Phone technology as our Surfboard Checkout, but unlike Surfboard Checkout not a white-label product.

The merchant undergoes a smooth onboarding directly in the app and can then enter the amount on the screen, choose payment method (in addition to cards, you can add invoice and other relevant payment methods), and then charge the customer. After completing the purchase, the merchant can send out the digital transaction slip via SMS, email or let the customer scan the QR code on the screen. Surfpay is PCI and EMV certified and contains PIN-on-screen which enables the merchant to charge without having to limit themselves to a certain amount.

The setup

To build a whole new checkout for your store, you'll need some hard stuff and soft stuff. The soft is downloadable to your device, while the hard is something you need to equip yourself with

So if you already own a smartphone or a tablet the only thing you need to order is a card reader, then download the app and go through the simple onboarding steps, receive your card reader withing 24 hours and then be up and running.

API Integration
Integrations to your current ECR
The Surfboard Checkout module
Not required
Can be done, but not an obstacle to get up and running
The core of this variant. You keep your current setup and integrate our software with easy setup for any developer to make
Surfboard Checkout
Downloadable from any app store. The actual checkout app that runs on your devices
The Surfboard Checkout module
iOS or Android
Not required
Since we don't want to force any unnecessary app switch in your customers experience, we do not require you to download the app. Instead we offer full support of the outstanding API
Card reader
The certified card reader that you connect with Bluetooth to your touchscreen device
The Surfboard Checkout module
Wireless connection
Not required
If your screens are running Android and of newer models with NFC chip and you only want to accept contactless payments, you do not need the secure card reader for PIN. If you however are using older devices, any old or new Apple device or wish to accept chip as well as contactless, you will need one card reader for each terminal screen
Can be any touchscreen device. The app is optimized for any screen size so it can be either a tablet or a smartphone. Think about where you are going to use it
The Surfboard Checkout module
Eg. iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Huawei MediaPad
Not required
With the API solution we rely on you having your own touchscreens. If you wish to complement with a few new ones, we can help you with it
We have optimized stands for any screen size and any use case. From self checkout to countertop and handheld variants when you need to be more mobile
The Surfboard Checkout module
Not required
Not required
The stands are not required for any API solution, but we support a range of different devices so if you wish to upgrade your current setup you can buy any stand"", order, { headers: {authorisation: Bearer sdfasdf891ebsdv89123898dvsd89sdf==, signature: 91b57ee0c576b7ee9971cda7941393fc4f4ff985ac5668f1864ce41ce86185f8} })
.then(response => {
        // Getting a payment transaction object from purchase
        const data =;
        // Save the unique transaction id. This will come in handy to print receipts later or to handle returns
        const TRANSACTION_ID = data.transactionId;
// Catch and print errors if any
.catch(error => console.error("Payments Creation Failed: ", error));

The API for your store

Build on what you already have

Even though we offer a designed and developed solution of a terminal screen, we also make sure that everything is API-first. That means that you can get up and running in your current environment without any need to purchase new hardware in terms of screens and stands. The only requirement is that you already have a touchscreen of any kind. If you need to be able to accept chip on card present payments, you also need the additional card reader we provide.

Full API documentation coming soon

Become one of the first to adopt this

We are rolling out the Surfboard Modules for selected stores to try it out. By being a part of our Beta program, your store will become one of the first to use the next generation of checkout solutions. You benefit from not only being first among your competitors, but also by becoming a valued member of the Surfboard Club where you'll be treated with premium class service and lower cost than anyone