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Our Newest Surfer: Welcoming Emeli Cronholm to Surfboard Payments!

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Adding another surfboard to our rack is always a difficult decision, because at Surfboard Payments we take pride in our team. Our core values revolve around finding kind, decent employees to fester a positive company culture. Above all we value selecting talented candidates and teaching skills. However, our newest hire seems to embody both experience and flair! Introducing our newest Head of Risk and Compliance Management, Emeli Cronholm.

Emeli is a seasoned veteran in risk management, having worked as a specialist for three of the largest payment service providers in Europe, and in fact just left Bambora to come be a part of the surfboard team! Passionate about fraud prevention, and sustaining palpable growth in a company, she is an excellent addition to our Stockholm HQ! We have full faith in her ability to provide protection for us and our customers through forecasting, and risk management in accordance with the laws and rules at hand.

Emeli was drawn to Surfboad Payments, not only for our dedication and passion for creating a better checkout and transactional experience for small business owners everywhere, but also for our unique outlook.

“To me, the greatest thing with Surfboard is the rare prerequisite to grow and create networks, without making sacrifices like non-compliance or increased risk-exposure. This is all thanks to the greatness in our products and how we gather and use data,” says Emeli. “I am sure that this combination is rare, and will become one of our greatest success factors.”

When Emeli is not catching some gnarly waves with us, she can be found preparing for cross-country skiing for Vasalopet or taking an ice cold swim… as long as there’s a sauna nearby. Welcome Emeli, we’re so excited to have you onboard!

Interested in becoming a part of our surf team? Well, keep an eye out for updates on either our webpage or Linkedin. We’re rapidly growing, and always on the hunt for new talent. Let’s get surfing!

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