Published Mar 18, 2022

Our Newest Surfer: Welcome Alexandro Lannerwall to Surfboard Payments

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Things are heating up for the Surfboard Payments team. As we enter into this new phase of our company, with the release of our highly anticipated Surfpay app just around the corner, it is more crucial than ever to find employees that coincide with our values and belief system to really keep this momentum going. Our newest member of the Surfboard Payments family truly follows what it means to be a surfer bringing a key sense of passion to our team! Introducing Alexandro Lannerwall, our newest Product Manager.

Alexandro’s background is mainly within product management and business development, having worked in both areas throughout his career. He started out working as a management consultant, supporting various organisations in multiple industries, before focusing on roles in the telecom industry in both product management and business. However, his most recent role was in Klarna, solidifying his expertise in the payment sector as he worked as product manager for the team responsible for presenting payment methods for Klarna Checkout amongst other things.

“I love working in the intersection of customer experience design, tech, and business, creating products that drive innovation and make a difference for customers”, says Alexandro.

Alexandro’s move to Surfboard Payments was driven by our culture, built on the idea that fantastic companies are made by fantastic people. In addition, he was drawn to our unique product design, one that will change the trajectory of the payment industry going forward.

“(Surfboard Payments) is on the way to creating something truly unique that will forever change the way in-store payments work. Being part of that was something I definitely did not want to miss”, says Alexandro. “I look forward to working with this strong team of skilled and engaged colleagues to make this a reality for our customers and partners.”

When Alexandro is not working you can find him mastering his culinary skills. He considers himself to be “a professional amateur chef” that enjoys taking his time to perfect every dish.

Welcome Alexandro, we’re so excited to have you on our team!

Interested in becoming a part of our company? Well, keep an eye out for updates on either our webpage or Linkedin. We’re rapidly growing, and always on the hunt for new talent. Let’s get surfing!

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