Published Jun 7, 2022 by Surfboard Payments

Surfboard Payments Set to Launch Tap to Pay app in UK Market

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June 7, 2022, - Surfboard Payments AB, the next generation checkout experience provider, announces their exciting venture into the UK market with their brand new payment terminal app, Surfpay.

The Swedish-based fintech startup recently publicly premiered the app in their own home country, after months of anticipation; Only having privately offered it to a selected number of merchants in the past. Now alongside market leaders and long-term partners at MYPINPAD, the company hopes to make a splash with its innovative payment solution across the pond.

The app, Surfpay, was created in mind to empower the everyday merchant or business owner by helping them easily accept card payments without the need for any additional hardware. Surfpay leverages the NFC chip found inside Android smartphones to enable contactless card transactions for a smoother checkout experience.

Merchants only need to download the app on any Android mobile device and breeze through a simple onboarding process to start accepting payments. In addition, The Tap to Pay app includes a digital receipt feature, removing the need for printers and paper trails. It also includes daily sales reporting and has low transactional fees compared to other POS systems.

To help with this transition into the UK market, long-time friends of Surfboard Payments, MYPINPAD, are delivering the company with a certified tap to pay module. This also coincides with Surfboard Payment’s UK pending patent for offline PIN, thus changing the game for merchants across the United Kingdom as they will be able to accept all types of card payments.

The Surfpay app is available on all Android phones and accepts all major card types such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.

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