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Test Automation Engineer

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What’s it like to work in Surfboard?

We believe fantastic companies are built by fantastic people. That’s why our culture is the foundation of all we do and our value is the bricks of the foundation

What we do at Surfboard Payments

At Surfboard Payments, we are building the next generation of payment experiences for our customers. We take the advantage of latest PCI-certified solutions, SPOC and CPOC, and architect intelligent experiences for our clients, ensuring wins for both merchants and customers. Our core expertise relies in curating an entire transformation that raises the in-store experience with the latest in technology.

We are a Swedish-Indian fintech startup based in Stockholm, Sweden, and Chennai, India.

We believe fantastic companies are built by fantastic people and are looking to expand the Surf squad with individuals that can lead the upcoming wave.

So, are you ready to bring in disruptive innovation in payments?

Here’s a sneak peek into our workspace:

One of our core products is ‘Surfboard Modules’, which is explained below:

  • Surfboard Boarding, where you sign up and go through the Merchant onboarding, making you eligible to receive payments in your store.
  • Surfboard Dashboard is where you can track transactions, manage your checkout terminals and set up campaigns that should run your screens. Inside the Dashboard, you’ll also find the store where you can order hardware like the card reader for chip and dip, different types of touchscreens (tablets, smartphones), and get them delivered within 24 hours.
  • The third part is of course Surfboard Checkout, which is the software running in the new customer-facing screens in the store. Here everything is in sync with the Surfboard Dashboard, meaning the transactions are sent, whenever you activate a new payment method inside Surfboard Dashboard it will be published instantly to all of your screens (or chosen ones), and all the campaigns you set up in the Dashboard will run in these screens.

Everything we do is API-first. That means that you can get up and running in your current environment without any need to purchase new hardware in terms of screens and stands. We sell most of our products as white labels or APIs, allowing customers the option to build on top of it and ensure it suits their experience.

Our culture

At Surfboard, we believe that “The right people make anything possible”. Yes, it’s true! We are a team of passionate engineers driven by cultural acumen and strong resilience surfing waves of trends and transformation in the industry. Our inclusive culture ensures that we value character as much as the success of our products. We are looking for surfers with the zeal to grow and make an impact in the days to come.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a Quality Analyst engineer to create, build and test our applications using Typescript/Javascript. We use a number of modern testing frameworks to test our applications. Some of the frameworks that we use include JEST, Cypress, SuperTest, Katalon etc. We are looking for someone who is passionate about coding and quality software.

The Role Responsibilities:

  • Looking for passionate individuals who are interested in Functional and Automation Testing
  • Strong working knowledge of JS and Typescript
  • Good understanding about Quality Analysis
  • Good knowledge of Unit, Integration, User Interface and Static Testing
  • Basic knowledge of Black box testing methods like Boundary Value Analysis, Equivalence partitioning, State Transition Testing, Decision Table Testing, Graph-Based Testing, Error Guessing Technique
  • Work alongside infrastructure and professional teams to design and execute test cases for the software services
  • You will be the point of contact in relation to testing
  • You will be responsible for building frameworks for Quality Analysis for Surfboard, its clients and its partners.

Basic Requirements

  • 1+ years of experience in Functional and Automation Testing
  • Working knowledge on Javascript or Typescript
  • Understanding Black-box testing methods
  • Basic knowledge of Unit, integration, UI, and Static testing.