A six week internship for our future surfers in our very own devtown: Chennai, India.

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Our internship is six weeks of training in development, to help you improve and become a part of our journey in payments.

The internship is in partnership with Core Illustrio where you are trained and equipped by developers and mentors to give you an understanding of development, payments and infrastructure. You are being accommodated in an area close to our office in Chennai, India, equipped with an laptop, given food each day and being trained by highly professional developers and mentors. Everything covered by the internship fee. By the end of the six week internship, you are given an certification and we continue with the hiring process with the hopes of you being an addition to our surf squad.


Autumn Batch Start Date: In progress

New Year Batch Start Date:March 22nd, 2022 Registration open

Type: Full Time

What is provided: Training, Mentorship along with Accommodation, food, laundry and housekeeping services. All candidates are also provided a laptop for the course of the program

Cost: INR 30,000

Duration: 6-7 weeks

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It's always easier to get an understanding of what you can expect by talking to a previous alumni. Please read the review below, written by Manasvi, to get a further understanding of her experience of the Surfboard Academy.

Surfboard Payments Internship Review

By Manasvi, Surfboard alumni

If you are looking for a dynamic approach to programming, you have just landed on the best one. The internship hosted and run by Surfboard Payments takes you on a ride from the invention of concepts to an implementation lead by yourself. I had a great experience undergoing this training. The internship also introduces a culture that explicitly focuses on the curiosity you bring to the table. The course helped me rebuild my fundamentals that resulted in a concrete and confident skillset in my toolbox that I carry today. The sessions are interactive, allowing you to network and discuss topics personally with your team and the mentors onboard. I came across helpful mentors who were eager to take up my questions and who guided me throughout the course. In fact, you are encouraged to interrupt classes with doubts. Moreover, the program is designed to be fun and resourceful at the same time.

The highlight of the internship is the mentorship one is provided with. Each day is planned and presented in an optimum manner, backed by story plots, puzzles and questionnaires. The environment built by your peers and mentors is extremely comfortable, making it easier for one to focus and involve in the sessions. You are free to connect with anybody from the team and they will happily answer your questions.

As they state, The right people make anything possible, it’s true!

Throughout the week, the mentors are ever ready to conduct personalized sessions to revisit and revise, prepare engaging assignments for practice and design team projects to make it a wholesome learning and thrilling experience. At the end of the day, you get an access to a wonderful team of engineers at Surfboard, building strong connections for your future.

After the completion of the internship the ones who effortlessly stand out among the crowdare also offered a fulltime job at Surfboard Payments, which this is the perfect beginningfor your career. Working at Surfboard Payments has personally been a highlight in my life.

The Surfboard Payments internship is an excellent opportunity to learn and understand what it really takes to be an engineer. As they state, “The right people make anything possible”, it’s true! Learning can be fun.

Surfboard alumni

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