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What you can expect

Work from anywhere

We want talent before country - therefore we adapt a fully flexible and remote workplace. If you however want to live in Stockholm, we offer an office at a great location.

Make an impact

Giving back is part of our DNA. That’s why we’ve invested in an impact platform - making generosity simple - that will adress the UN goals no 1 of eradicating poverty.

Create your role

As a true startup you get to do and try different parts of the role and transform it from the beginning so it suits you and gives you the opportunity to thrive.

Personal culture

Get the chance to know all of your colleagues at a personal level instead of being introduced to big departments in a corporate culture.

At Surfboard we truly believe that work is not the most important thing in life. Your family is.

- Christopher, Founder & CEO

Our core values

Work isn't the most important thing in life

No, it is not everything. To give your everything at work you need to feel that you can give your everything outside it as well.

It is not all about you

We think that we can help you develop as an individual. Help you to grow. But to become succesful we believe that we need to be more - we need to work as a team.

We hire character - and train skill

The area is transforming each day, by going for character we believe that we can develop together and not only keep up with the transformation, but lead it.

The more I give, the more I have

We should never forget to do what we can to help others and eachother. We believe that we can evolve ourselves and our business by being humble and give to those in need.

FAQ for future surfers

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