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Approved & Pending Patents in the EU and USA

SCA for mobile payment 1

Method for authenticating a user to a central server and using an electronic device with a screen display.

Priority date: 2014-09-30 1451162-0

SwedenApproved 4/3-2020
EuropeApproved 23/6-2020
USAApproved 4/3-2020

Animated QR code for mobile payment

Method for authenticating a transaction, wherein a first transaction party uses a first electronic device with a screen display and a second transaction party uses a second, portable, electronic device with a camera.

Priority date: 2016-04-12 1650496-1

SwedenApproved 19/5-2020

SCA for mobile payment 2

Method for providing information to a central server using an electronic device comprising a screen display and a SIM card.

Priority date: 2014-09-30 1451161-2

SwedenApproved 4/3-2020
EuropeApproved 14/1-2020
USAApproved 10/3-2020

Tokenization of card from payment terminal

Method for making an electronic payment.

Priority date: 2015-10-13 1551320-3

SwedenApproved 4/3-2020

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